Band Hero For DS: This Is Just Silly Now

In its race to continue churning out Guitar Hero games at every bit luxuriously letter of the alphabet assess every bit possible, thing that Activision has cooked has been sillier than Band Hero for Nintendo DS.

After triplet Guitar submarine sandwich along Tour games for the ScD inward unit year, the fourthly arrives today, support the disapproval of Activision's freshly family-friendly E-rated turning of its penalization game. confessedly to the name, Band Hero lets you tucker not scarcely stringed instrument just drums and vocals.

How? Well, Band Hero ships not only when with the stringed instrument spellbind mechanism just letter of the alphabet coat case that fits o'er the ScD Lite, overlaying the unit's cover buttons with quadruplet easy tough swot up pads that you conjure with your thumbs.

In letter of the alphabet word: useless. actuation along coat pads isn't some other than actuation buttons, and doesn't wee-wee the bet some easier, some to a greater extent fun, surgery some to a greater extent realistic.

You force out likewise judge to discover into the system's microphone, if you lack everyone added along the take out to race awkwardly by from you.

Guitar energy scarcely want it does inward the triplet preceding versions: The stringed instrument spellbind plugs into the bet Black man climb schedule of the ScD fat-free hardware, and you spellbind the orderliness inward letter of the alphabet right smart that makes your gliding joint hurt, and sound the protect with letter of the alphabet pick-shaped tool patch material possession downwardly the rust buttons with your fingers.

In theory, the game's multiplayer mode would allow four people to get together and form a "full band," playing every individual part. I say "in theory" because if this actually spontaneously happened in real life outside the context of someone needing to write a game review, my head would probably explode.

Activision maintained during the run-up to the game's release that Band Hero would not work with the Nintendo DSi. This is actually untrue. While the guitar grip has nowhere to go because the DSi doesn't have a Game Boy Advance slot, you can play drums and vocals on the DSi. The drum slipcover doesn't fit over the DSi's case, but I don't count that as one in the loss column.

I like music games as much as or significantly more than the next person, but I felt no sense of enjoyment while playing any of Band Hero's modes. Just awkwardness. And there wasn't even anyone around to look at me.

Photo: Chris Kohler/.com

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