Plastic Soda Bottle Pouring Aid: Perfect for Invalids, Children, Wusses

The only good thing about the Pour Thing is its name. It is also the correct term to apply to anyone on whom you might inflict it as a gift. Its purpose? To ease the ever-present difficulties of tipping soda into a glass, a problem that has plagued millions without solution. Until now:


Don't risk dropping a heavy bottle on your foot or spilling liquid all over the counter when you want a glass of soda! No need to haul a beverage container to the counter when you want a drink – keep a bottle in the Pour Thing and store it right in the fridge!

A two liter bottle weighs around two kilos, or 4.4 lbs, Hardly a great weight, although this could help kids and the weak to more easily heft their sugar fix into a cup. Better, surely, to buy smaller containers, or even stop drinking soda entirely. It melts your teeth, makes you fat and sends you skittering around the place like an ADD spinning-top. In short, soda is a wuss's drink. Real men take their stimulation in the old-fashioned way. Strong coffee, Marlboro Reds and a rolled up Hustler in the back pocket. $20

Product page [Solutions via Oh Gizmo]