Review: Wish List: 71 to 80

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Photo: Zachary Zavislak
Bertucci A-2T
After several years developing pricey watches for a major manufacturer, Mike Bertucci was ready to make a timepiece that under-promised and over- delivered. He succeeded. The A-2T is milled from solid titanium. Its mineral crystal is recessed to dodge blows, and the screw-down crown is offset to four o'clock so it won't dent your wrist. Best of all: You can afford one. They start at less than a hundred bucks.

Lili Lite Shelf
Navigating the nightstand obstacle course — book, lamp, and water glass — all too often ends in a destructive inundation. Seek higher ground with the Lili Lite: Pull your book from the wooden peak to turn the lamp on. Set your tome back down and it's good night, light. The other end stores that copy of Gravity's Rainbow you're still pretending to read.

Sony PS3 Slim 120 GB System
At half the price of the original PS3, the Slim is a full-fledged bargain. Despite the console's skinny profile and tiny footprint, it still packs plenty of power thanks to the 45-nm Cell processor. Throw in some exciting exclusive titles and you've got yourself not only a great gaming system but one hell of a budget Blu-ray player.

Photo: Zachary Zavislak
Kid Robot Futurama Figurines
Filthy humans will love these mini figurines. The limited-edition set of 3-inch-tall vinyl dolls features the main characters — Fry, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, and the rest — plus a few favorite nemeses like Mom, Lrrr, and Morbo the Annihilator. Buy them in mystery boxes or pick up a case to ensure you get all 16 — either way, Mom will probably claim they belong to her.

Marantz SR6004 Receiver
Marantz's new magic box not only amplifies tunes from your Bluetooth-compatible audio player, it also improves the sound with an upconverter that re-creates the high frequencies lost in compressed audio. Too bad it won't make that 12-minute track your friend composed on his iPhone sound any better.

The North Face Minibus 33 Tent
This tent is big enough to sleep three but folds into a compact 7.3-pound package. Ginormous windows and D-shaped doors provide a clear view of everything from the night sky to marauding grizzlies, and the color-coded, four-pole assembly process is easier than falling off a log.
— Sarah Filippi | Associate Photo Editor

Marc Ecko Star Wars Hoodies
The Force must be with Marc Ecko. His Star Wars hoodies replicate the uniforms of Boba Fett, Darth Vader, an X-Wing Fighter Pilot, and, of course, imperial cannon fodder. Most zip to the top of the hood, so you'll stay warm when you do battle on the ice planet Hoth. That zipper is also convenient if someone you know walks by.

It's about time someone made a big screen for photographers. JVC's studio-friendly 42-incher displays 100 percent of sRGB and 96 percent of Adobe RGB color space, letting you blow up that masterpiece until you see its soul. But this high-def screen isn't just for your day job. The same startling colors — in 1080p — make movies look fabulous too.

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses
These shades have more moves than a Tour de France sprint finish. The nosepiece pivots up to expose a hinge for quick lens swaps. The internal suspension system lets lenses float freely within the frame so tension won't bend them and distort your view. The wind-blocking vented frame keeps your
vision tear- and fog-free. And the exceptional optics are the best thing to happen to light since Paris.

Newton Sir Isaac Running Shoe
Runners who land heel-first are just paying for their surgeon's new Rolex. Striking with the ball of your foot provides much better shock absorption, but it's also hard to get used to — which is why Newton designed these sneaks. They coax you into a more healthful motion, and hopefully away from the arthroscope.