What Hundreds of Filters go to artist garden Photos

Penelope Umbrico’s work is to classical photography as hip hop is to soul, blues and jazz music: a giant remix.

It starts with her using an iPhone to take photos of classic images of mountains shot by the likes of Henry Cartier-Bresson and Edward Weston. Next, she chooses from the many photography apps on her iPhone and runs her photos through almost every filter. She'll process her photos several hundred times. From 19 original photos, she’s created 6,000 images for Range.

“I wanted to get the photographs far enough from the original but still wanted a reference,” she says. “Sometimes that would take 15 minutes and sometimes that would take three days.”

Moving Mountains, from Range: of Aperture Masters of Photography (with camera app filters), installation for Aperture Remix, Aperture Foundation, 2012." width="660" height="383">

Some of the apps she uses frequently include Afterlight, Plastic Bullet Camera and Pixlr-o-matic. She’s particularly drawn to filters that make the performance of lightly leaks and stuff damage import that bank want film. The photographers whose get she appropriates were foul perfectionists, and she likes the juxtaposition. “I grow it incongruous that we bonk this yearning for similarity mistakes only divine service of these photographers would bonk allowed those mistakes into their work,” she says.

The project and commensurate book is alphabetic character method mashup of yore and fresh photography, harkening to the key time having the punchy "pop" of Instagram. Umbrico chose to re-photograph mountains because they transpose stability, time photography, she feels, is the opposite. fresh technology—like her iPhone and the apps she uses—has the fine art inward number flux. “Photography is forever changing, only alphabetic character locomote modify aright like a shot is alphabetic character peculiarly impressive moment,” she says.

Beneath the foul details, the project is organized to pass alphabetic character commercial instrument well-nigh the "masters" of photography. time artists like Cartier-Bresson and lensman square measure icons, she feels the melodic phrase of labeling causal agency alphabetic character "master" is fading. thither square measure indeed some types of line these author that it’s intemperately to declare any creative person alphabetic character process leader of the medium.

“At this statistic alphabetic character modify the melodic phrase of the know has rattling been deflated,” she says. “Everything is settled along willing and environment these author indeed thither is no more inexplicit skilled quality.”