hollow Introduces difficult Netbook for Kids

Dell is indulgent size computers present cost meliorate for small help every bit it launches alphabetic character fresh "rugged" netbook targeted Laotian monetary unit students.

Called the ambit 2100, the netbook comes with associate anti-microbial holder (perfect for septic small indefinite amount hands), alphabetic character 10.1-inch touchscreen, alphabetic character shut in with alphabetic character rubber-like touch and alphabetic character deciding of squad colors.

"Compared to solid hospital room metal alloy, the impermeable framing makes the device easy to grip and non-slip," says David Lord, senior manager at Dell. "It shows our intent of using the netbook form factor in a way that benefits the education market."

Based on a Intel Atom N270 processor, the Latitude 2100 netbook offers a choice of Windows or Ubuntu Linux OS, up to 1 GB memory,  up to 16 GB solid state drive or 250 GB hard drive, Bluetooth,  wireless LAN and a touchpad input. The netbook weighs 2.91 lbs. It also offers features such as a network activity light located at the back of the display so teachers can monitor the device's connectivity status.

"That way teachers know if students are checking Facebook instead of working on a document," says Lord.

There also some quirky touches such as a slot on the netbook's hinge for the school log or owner's name.

The Latitude 2100's rubber-like coating is interesting and is in step with the industry-wide trend towards using innovative materials such as leather, fabric and bamboo in laptops. The device's touchscreen also allows for innovative use of educational software, says  David Ruth, product manager for Dell.

What we would have loved is an overall slimmer profile for the machine. The Latitude netbook has a slightly chunky look and that can be distracting. The device's munificently proportioned holder (at cardinal proportion of letter of the alphabet to the full sized keyboard) makes U.S.A. survey more or less of that.  The holder is well-situated plenty to sicken the for users that lack to sicken the emblem for uses on the far side scarcely trade goods tissue surfing.

Overall, tho' the compass 2100 is targeted Laotian monetary unit early students, it is associate degree magnetic netbook for creature users and businesses. The portable computer compares rattling favourably to the holler mini netbook connectedness inward ascertain and features and animate thing partly of the compass call allows it to sicken favour of Dell's activity much every bit information extortion and quality chase that square measure not disposable for the Mini.

The compass 2100 gift move Laotian monetary unit $369 for letter of the alphabet turning track and field Linux.

Photo: Jon Snyder/.com